Bob Marley


The ‘Roots, Rock, Remixed’ Collection

This catalog of masters includes our remixes of tracks originally recorded by Bob Marley in the late 60’s in Jamaica. To create the iconic remixes, we pulled the original stereo masters and went into the studio with producers including King Kooba, Paul and Prince, and Dj Spooky. The result is a group of new Bob Marley masters, now available to license for film and television.

This collection includes the first remixes of original Marley sound recordings produced by Rock River with the approval and consent of the Marley family, Blue Mountain Music, and Bob Marley producer Chris Blackwell.

The remixes are 100% owned and administered by Rock River Music. We work closely with Blue Mountain Music, exclusive publisher of all Bob Marley compositions, to provide a streamlined licensing process.

Sync licensing inquiries should be directed to our licensing department via email. Please include all the pertinent details of your project as well as your contact information.