Sex Pistols + Def Leppard = ??

What do you get when you cross Def Leppard with the Sex Pistols?

That’s probably not the question LG pondered when creating their new touch screen messaging phone, the Xenon. However, when they came looking for a catchy pop/punk song to serve as the soundtrack to their viral marketing campaign, we thought Man Raze’s “Turn It Up” sounded just right.

An unholy marriage between sticky-sweet-pop-metal gods Def Lep and primitivist punk progenitors Sex Pistols simply shouldn’t work.  But vocalist/guitarist Phil Collen (Def Leppard) and drummer Paul Cook (Sex Pistols) rip out a raw blast of sing-along glory, sounding more like they’ve been holed up in a sweaty garage rather than some posh English country estate.

It’s always fun to uncover an obscure gem of a song for a project.  And it’s even better to bring legendary rock musicians into a forward-thinking online campaign, especially considering you can’t even buy Def Leppard songs on iTunes yet.  Check out the new LG Xenon and hear Man Raze “Turn It Up” here:

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